Progression Spread Using the Moon Phases

Hey guys! I’ve been really big on paying attention to the moon phases recently, so I wanted to design a spread around that idea. I love progression and situation spreads that show possible outcomes, so I coupled the ideas together and came out with this layout. This spread is great for analyzing a situation you may be going through, whether it’s in the workplace, your home life, with your friendships and relationships, anything! It answers questions such as, “What outside influences can help me in this situation?” and “What challenges will I face along the way?” I went ahead and asked about my profession, so lets dig in and see what I drew. 🙂

“Where is my profession currently headed?”

Position 1 New Moon: The Current Situation

I smiled when I turned over the Death card because I know I’ve been in a rut with my profession recently. Things are stale and becoming too predictable. Everything is stressing me out left and right. The Death card is telling me that something needs to change. It’s the card of shedding something to make room for a rebirth. This card is suggesting to me that I need to find change or something that I can get rid of to make room for something new. I need a fresh perspective, new feelings and new emotions when facing my profession.

Position 2 Waxing Moon: Other Challenges Along the Way
Six of Swords

The Six of Swords is a card of leaving something behind and moving on, a card of self realization, escape and journey. This is where the challenges present itself: while the Death card wants me to seek change, this card is telling me that it may be emotionally or even physically difficult to find that path. It might be hard to find the strength or means to change something and it may also be suggesting that what I need to leave behind may be very emotionally difficult for me.

Position 3 Full Moon: Inner Strengths That Can Help Me
Knight of Pentacles

I love this card’s depiction of the Knight of Pentacles! This card isn’t in a rush and has time to think about how it can grow and how it can reach attainment. This Knight is telling me that I need to trust myself, keep a routine and continue working hard. I need to draw on those energies to get me through this situation and any other challenges that I may end up facing. Perhaps this situation will unfold by itself just by me keeping my pace and being patient while working hard.

Position 4 Waning Moon: Outside Influences
Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is a card of creative aspirations. This Page wants to discover and try new things and it wants me to look at things with a fresh perspective. While the previous card helped me discover what’s inside of me that may help me, this is the card that will help me see what’s around me that can help me. In this case, I feel this card is telling me to seek others or pay attention to others. Perhaps new opportunities from others will begin to pop up or I’ll start receiving messages or cues from others that will help guide me through this.

Position 5 Dark Moon: Possible Outcome
Queen of Wands

I had a good laugh when I flipped this card over as this is the card I use if I am using a card to represent myself. I felt right away that if I’m able to get through this situation using the steps and influences above, then I’ll be able to get back to being my true self again. The Queen of Wands is filled with passion, fire and desire. She wants to succeed and she isn’t afraid to tell others around her, hey I’m doing well! I miss being like that. 🙂 I’m happy to know that if I can get through my current situation, then I have my most ideal outcome ahead of me.

Overall I’m pretty happy about the way this spread turned out! Looking it over as a whole, I was very happy to find that all of the suits are represented here. This tells me that even though I’m going through something, that I’m still well rounded. I’m still able to use and appreciate each aspect of myself. If you enjoyed this spread, please give it a try! I’m curious to see how well it works for other types of questions, so if you end up using it I would love to hear your results and how it worked out for you. 🙂 As always I hope this spread helps your studies, and I hope it brings inspiration to your day today!

Until next time!

Deck Used: The Victorian Fairy Tarot (Amazon Link)

Spirit Guide Spread

A while back I found a spirit guide spread and it kept crossing my mind recently, so I decided to do my take on it! This spread is aimed at knowing some of the key characteristics of your spirit guide: a spirit who is by your side and helping you along the way, protecting and guiding you. After doing this spread you can continue revisiting your spirit guide by drawing one or more cards and asking questions such as, “what would my spirit guide like to tell me?” Or, “what message does my spirit guide have for me?” But first we need to find out who our spirit guide is and what they are really like. I chose the Fantastical Creatures Tarot deck for this one because I felt incredibly drawn to it for this spread.

Position 1: What is my spirit guide like? What is their personality?

Fair and just. I absolutely love that this card appeared to me in this position. This card depicts a mythological beast called the Lion-Dogs. They were temple protectors and guardians that stood for balance. I feel as if this card is telling me that my spirit guide will be truthful in their messages to me. They will look at all sides to a situation and give me the fairest advice, even if that means stepping on my toes once in a while.

Position 2: What are my spirit guide’s strengths?
The Fool

Spontaneity! This version of The Fool depicts a creature called the Amphisbaena. This two headed creature often has a hard time making up their mind and loves to take random leaps of faith just to see how things will turn out. I get a lot of fun, confident energy with this one. I feel as if this tells me that my spirit guide isn’t afraid to guide me into the unknown, as if they are confident in me and my ability to make decisions.

Position 3: What are my spirit guide’s weaknesses?
Eight of Wands

Jumping into things too quickly. The Eight of Wands depicts the Sleipnir, Odin’s horse, galloping through the snow. I feel as if this is telling me that my spirit guide might rush sometimes with their messages and advice. Over excited is another phrase that comes to me. I should perhaps be cautious with my spirit guide’s messages at times and maybe delay in requesting guidance from time to time.

Position 4: How is my spirit guide helping me right now?
The Hanged Man

Wisdom, introspection and patience. This version of The Hanged Man depicts Medusa, stopped on a path in the snow with large rocks surrounding her. A large glowing orb hovers above her in the distance, often symbolizing deep wisdom. I feel as if this card is telling me that my spirit guide is currently bringing me into a deeper state of introspection and decision making. I’m receiving a lot of messages of being patient and slowing down, which holds very true for my current situations.

Looking at the spread overall there are a few things that stand out to me. Firstly, I can’t help but notice how many major arcana cards are here. This gives me the feeling that my spirit guide plays a much larger role in my life than I thought and I should really take notice to what they tell me. Secondly, most of these cards depict snow and a wintery atmosphere. I can’t help but wonder if this means my spirit guide is more with me in the Winter than any other season. Fun things to think about and experiment with in the future! 🙂

I hope you find interest in getting to know your spirit guide and allowing them into your life! And as always, I hope this helps and brings inspiration to you today!

Until next time!

Deck Used: Fantastical Creatures Tarot (U.S Games Link)

Mini New Years Spread


Happy New Year everyone!

I wanted to do a quick New Years spread, so I grabbed one of my favorite decks this past year: The Wildwood Tarot. I also want to take this time to say thank you all so much for the past month! I’ve only been blogging for about a month and a half and it has been so much fun learning and talking Tarot with so many others. I have plans on unboxing many more Tarot decks (I’m addicted!), introducing new spreads and writing a lot more in general! So I really hope to hear from you all more and more! I’m so excited to get started this year. Thank you all so much. 🙂

“What should I focus on to begin this new year off right?”

Card 1: The Wheel

The Wheel, or The Wheel of Fortune as we commonly know it, is all about the flow of the good and the bad. This card is telling me that there will be good times and there will be bad times and that’s okay! I need to keep optimistic and continue having faith in myself and those around me. I shouldn’t stand still and I shouldn’t accept things as they come at me. Instead, I need to be proactive. I should keep the wheel turning by working towards the positive, even when the bad hits.

Card 2: The World Tree

The World Tree, or the The World as we commonly know it, represents completion. It’s what a lot of us strive for: our goals, our dreams and our wishes. Being a Major Arcana card, this could mean something significant may be happening to me this year. Something I’ve dreamed of or something that may change my life. I believe this card is also telling me that I should set something in my sights that I really want to accomplish this year. I should start now and make goals, plan and put forth effort in achieving something.

Card 3: Seven of Bows – Clearance

The Seven of Bows – Clearance, or the Seven of Wands as we commonly know it, further details that I should be making decisions and prioritizing what is and isn’t important. It’s a card of challenge, indicating that things can and will get rough and even competitive, but there is always a way out. While I won’t be able to make everyone around me happy at the end of the day, there is always something to look forward to and strive for and I shouldn’t lose sight of that.

Overall, I feel these cards are telling me to expect the good, expect the bad and make smart decisions on how to balance the two out. To me, this is good news because where would life be without a wide range of emotions and situations? I had a lot of fun with this and I hope you do a little new years spread of your own!

Until next time!

Deck Used: The Wildwood Tarot (Amazon Link)

An Interview with The Wildwood Tarot

After seeing Kittydorkdork post an interview spread, I just had to try this with my next new deck (thank you Kitty!). I found this 5 card spread on Aeclectic Tarot (author Mateo06) which highlights the deck’s strengths, weaknesses and how I can learn from it (thank you Mateo!). Lets get started!

The very first thing that caught my eye with this spread is the amount of Vessels that came up. In The Wildwood Tarot, the Vessels suit matches the traditional Cups– emotions, connections, fulfillment, depth. This spread is telling me that overall, it’s really going to tap into my emotional side and allow me to feel a sense of fulfillment with each card I turn over. This deck is willing to be intimate and intuitive with me. It won’t be afraid to go deep and take risks with me.

Position 1: The Most Important Characteristic of the Deck.
Ten of Stones – Home.

The Ten of Stones – Home depicts an enchanting little home on the hill with a male and female carved into the stone of the cave leading up to the home. This card is so relaxing to look at. It gives the sense of being at ease, secure, supportive and almost familiar. This deck won’t be afraid to support me, guard me and guide me. It’s a trusted feeling. It’s my new home with a new journey ahead of me.

Position 2: What Can I Do to Learn from this Deck?
Eight of Vessels – Rebirth.

The Eight of Vessels – Rebirth is filling to the brim with rejuvenating energy. It has a lot going on and is a sign of great progression. I need to see this journey as a new beginning. I need to take in the deck, nurture it from the beginning and truly explore it. This is the time to create a foundation of knowledge and trust.

Position 3: The Deck’s Strengths.
Knight of Vessels – Eel.

The Knight of Vessels – Eel is a protector. It’s full of wisdom and hope and it isn’t afraid to work quick when needing to guard and protect. This deck’s strengths are just that– it will be here for me. It will make me its personal conquest and share its wisdom with me. It won’t be afraid to show me what I need to know and when exactly I’ll need to know it.

Position 4: The Deck’s Weaknesses.
Nine of Vessels – Generosity.

The Nine of Vessels – Generosity tells me right away that the deck just may be too generous at times. It may be overprotective and willing to pull out all the stops for me, but I may need to be cautious sometimes. Take a step back and look at the cards from all angles and carefully draw my conclusions. This deck may also need extra nurturing as I need to give back to it just as much as it’s giving me.

Position 5: Where Will Our Relationship Go?
Page of Bows – Stoat.

The Page of Bows – Stoat depicts a stoat, or weasel. These creatures are true free spirits. They are wacky, fun, quirky and strange. They crave exploration and knowledge. They don’t want to be left out of anything. My relationship with this deck will go very deep. We will have a very unique experience that I may not be able to share with other decks.

Have you ever had a moment in Tarot where you drew cards, leaned back and put your hands over your mouth in total shock and awe? This was that exact moment for me when I looked these cards over. I felt very inspired, very happy and so excited! I’m looking forward to many journeys with this deck and I already can’t wait to try this spread with my other decks!

Have you tried this type of spread with any of your decks? Did it make you happy and excited? Or worried and fearful? Give it a try and let me know!

Until next time!

Deck Used: The Wildwood Tarot (Amazon Link)